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Tapstart - Find best jobs, compare skills with others, get noticed


Tapstart - Find best jobs, compare skills with others, get noticed

Tapstart is an online platform that helps individuals, such as management students and young working professionals to achieve career success. It provides solutions for
- mapping Skill profiles to the right career options,
- choosing the right specializations in a management program,
- building Aptitude to match Industry recruitment benchmarks,
- helping identify functional skill gaps and strengths and building those Skills.
You could write to media@tapstart.com You can reach the founders directly via this email address.

Anyone who is looking to improve their functional skills, find out their skill gaps or strengths, decide on a specialization for their management studies, build their Aptitude for cracking Industry recruitment tests, map their skill competency to the right type of job role.

Tapstart focuses on Functional Skills in domains such Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Human Resources and Project Management. The skills are mapped to actual functional areas of work in the industry. So when an individual assesses herself on Tapstart, she is actually evaluating her Skills against actual areas of work in the industry.
Tapstart also focuses on areas of Aptitude that matter in building a career – Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning.
Tapstart is a unique platform, which focuses on individual’s functional skills and competencies and uses analytical techniques to provide guidance, improvement and smart decision making help. It provides detailed and honest feedback to individuals on their Skill profile, because we focus on helping individuals achieve professional success.
The Tapstart platform does not focus on personality traits/behavioral characteristics while evaluating an individual’s competencies. Tapstart does not preach/prescribe a specific career path. Tapstart content is not generic or textbook material, but created based on work scenarios/concepts used in decision making in the industry.
Tapstart does not brand YOU into different personality types nor does it try to change your behavior. We believe that each personality type is valuable and none is inferior to another. Personality is formed over several years and Tapstart is smart enough to understand that you cannot change it by giving a short training or test. There are other sites, which do 1-time personality profiling.
No. Assessment is only a ‘feature’ that is used to provide a much larger benefit to our members. Tapstart is a Career Analytics platform, committed to helping individuals reach their full potential in their careers. As part of this commitment, Skill gap analysis and competency profiling is critical and assessment is a tool used in achieving those end goals.
Beyond Assessments, Tapstart does in-depth analysis, skill profiling, skill matching and provides recommendations.
You can become a Tapstart member for Free. Just register on www.tapstart.com using your LinkedIn or Facebook account or your unique email ID. To get advanced benefits from this platform, you will have to earn points (and redeem those against upgrades) or pay nominal Premium Membership Fees. The Fees would range from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1500/- today, based on what you want.
Most of the higher benefits of using Tapstart are available for less than the price of 1 meal that you would have in a restaurant. A very small price to pay for your Career Advancement!
Adaptive Assessment is a way of conducting assessments wherein the level of questions given to a user dynamically adapt to the skill level of the user while the assessment is in progress. If your answer to a question is correct, the difficulty level of the next question is higher. Your skill level is also being determined and adjusted dynamically based on the responses you give. By the time the adaptive assessment completes, your true skill level is determined to the nearest approximation or accuracy.
For generally assessing yourself on different functional skills, don’t pay Tapstart. It is free.
You should pay Tapstart in order to match your skill profile to relevant job roles, to get detailed recommendations for skill improvement, to help you choose a specialization domain and to get powerful insights about your skill competencies. These activities involve customized analysis and in-depth focus on your profile. This directly impacts your career success and can be conveniently and accurately done by Tapstart.
There are mainly 2 access levels – Free and Premium. You start as a Free member by default and you can upgrade to Premium membership for the different products.
You can upgrade your account in 2 ways.
1st is by redeeming your points. By doing small but important things, you can earn points from Tapstart. These points can be used to purchase advanced access.
2nd is by paying the Fees for Premium membership.
If you are not yet a Tapstart member, then click on the “Sign Up” icon on home page, to register. If you are already a registered member, then click on “Login” icon to get started.
If you are logged in as a Free member, then you can go straight to the “Assess” page. Select your areas of interest and then select the Skills that you want to evaluate yourself on. After you have selected, you will be guided on how to get started on your assessments.
If you are logged in as a Premium Member for a specific product in Tapstart, then go to the “Task Manager” page. Simple instructions on that page will guide you on how to proceed.
If you have already given assessments, then go to the “My Dashboard” page to see scores and analysis. Then go to the “My Competency” page and see details of your Skill Competency (if you are a Premium Member).
Students in colleges are using Tapstart for many reasons.
- They may be using it to Select their Specializations (such as Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations etc.
- They may be using it to Build Aptitude, to meet industry recruitment standards.
- They may be using it to Match their skill profile to relevant job roles. This is crucial for finding good jobs in today’s hyper competitive environment.
- They may be using Tapstart to assess their Skills in various domains, in order to understand where they should Focus on, in order to get great jobs.
There are 3 different ways in which you can create a new account with Tapstart. Either use your email ID, or use your Facebook account or your LinkedIn account to register on Tapstart.
If you are logged in, go to “My Account” page and click on the tab labeled “Password”. Here you can set your new password.
If you have forgotten your password, then click on the “Login” icon. Once the Login pop-up opens, click on the link “Forgot Your Password?”. An email will be sent to your registered email ID, which will help you reset your password.
Yes. Currently, you can simply add the URL http://www.tapstart.com wherever you want to link to our site.
Yes. If your Mobile/Tablet has a good Internet connection and a browser for surfing, then you can access Tapstart from those devices as well. Because of a smaller keyboard, a mobile device may not be as convenient as a laptop/desktop, but it depends on how comfortable you are with that device.
The browsers that work best for Tapstart are - Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
Based on how you answer a Skill question, your Tapstart score changes. For every correct answer your score increases and for every wrong answer the score decreases. The amount by which the increase/decrease happens depends on what stage of the assessment you are currently in, the difficulty level of the question that you are currently answering and your test taking behavior. For situations wherein a person tries to cheat, the system may penalize the user.
Your proficiency level in each Skill is a function of your absolute scores and your relative performance with respect to others. Tapstart has a proprietary scoring algorithm, wherein multiple such factors are considered and your Skill Competency (or proficiency) is calculated.
A function is a domain of work, such as Finance or Marketing or HR… Each such Function has multiple skills under it. For example, Marketing is a function (or domain), which has skills such as Pricing, Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Social Media Marketing etc…
Depending on your proficiency levels in various skills under 1 domain, your Competency for that particular domain can be established. Hence you will have a Finance Competency or a Marketing Competency, depending on your competencies in Skills under those respective domains.
The browsers that work best for Tapstart are - Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
We will soon be launching a feature that will allow you to flag issues in questions while you are still on the assessment page. Till we do that, you can let us know your feedback by writing to hello@tapstart.com
Please feel free to give us feedback through our “Contact Us” page or by writing to hello@tapstart.com
Please feel free to give us your suggestions through our “Contact Us” page or by writing to hello@tapstart.com
Please check http://www.tapstart.com/jobs and follow the process. In case there is no relevant opening available and you are interested in working at Tapstart, Please drop a mail to
hello@tapstart.com with more details.
We are always on the lookout for great people.