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Hi, Found a new job opening via Tapstart. Check it out!Company: Confidential,Designation: Manager - Internal Control Systems,Location: Nairobi (Kenya) or Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), , ,Salary: approx. rs. 31 lakhs p.a. + expatriation benefits,

  role - Manager - Internal Control Systems
  location - Nairobi (Kenya) or Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), ,
  salary - approx. rs. 31 lakhs p.a. + expatriation benefits

  experience : 3 - 6 yrs
  graduation requirement - CA

  website - not specified
  industry - not specified
  functional area - not specified

  specific requirements -
  • Strong knowledge of review, preparation and implementation of policies, procedures, internal control systems
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment and manage multiple projects and priorities simultaneously
  • Good communication (verbal and written) and presentation skills

quick description:

Responsible for review and implementation of policies, procedures, internal control systems, risk management practices across various functions and business units of the Group. Also, he/ she shall be able to review the IT systems currently being used in Finance & Operations, and be part of the team that will drive implementation/ changes in such systems.
The successful candidate will work with various business teams and functional teams to evaluate the efficacy of policies, systems and procedures, and will be responsible for institutionalizing procedures.
  • Review of all existing Group policies, suggest those to be implemented and/ or revised, and establish Group -wide policies for all functional and operational areas
  • Review of all existing business, financial, and operational processes; conduct gap analysis – current processes and ‘to-be’ processes; implement the optimal process framework in accordance with strategic business objectives; and standardize and institutionalize the processes
  • Identification of key operational, financial, and fraud risks; evaluation of documents and prioritization of risks across the organization and business segments; implementation of best risk management practices; creation of a reporting, monitoring and escalation framework to provide the desired level of assurance to the management; and developing an assurance plan for risk management and continuous monitoring through self-assessment
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the internal control system; identification of gaps at a design and operational effectiveness level; implementation of appropriate internal control framework basis, process review and risk assessment; implementation self-assessment and compliance checklists; and continuous control monitoring through control dashboards and/ or data analytics
  • Identification of areas of improvement in overall business performance - cost optimization, revenue assurance and maximization, improved process efficiency, supply chain management (including procurements, storage, distribution etc.) and optimal resource utilization
  • The achievement of sustainable profitability improvement through process efficiency, risk management & internal control framework, business performance improvements, automation of processes and focus on ‘value addition’ wherever possible

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