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Hi, Found a new job opening via Tapstart. Check it out!Company: Continues Intelligence Lab,Designation: Chief Thought Leader,Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India,Salary: rs. 30 - 35 lakhs p.a.,

Chief Thought Leader
Continues Intelligence Lab

  role - Chief Thought Leader
  location - Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  salary - rs. 30 - 35 lakhs p.a.

  experience : 15 - 25 yrs
  graduation requirement - PhD in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics

  website - not specified
  industry - not specified
  functional area - not specified

  specific requirements -
  • Text Analytics Tools: Eg. Open NLP, Stanford NLP
  • Machine Learning Tools: Eg. Mahout, Weka, R, RapidMiner
  • Real time Stream Processing Tools: Eg. Storm
  • Enterprise Java
  • Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python and JavaScript – Desirable
  • Good understanding of Hadoop infrastructure

quick description:

Lead the R&D team to conceive and implement innovative business solutions in predictive and prescriptive analytics
Build capability, standards and frameworks for efficient and easy adoption of predictive and prescriptive analytics and visualization
Foster active collaboration with academic institutions, prefer PhD Computer science.
  • Good working knowledge of Big Data and NO SQL technologies
  • Excellent understanding of statistical (regression analysis, cluster analysis, optimization techniques, etc.) and computational techniques (machine learning, natural language processing, graph or social network analysis, neural nets, simulation modeling); the skill to determine and apply the most appropriate techniques for different categories of problems; and the ability to communicate the business value to business leaders
  • Good working knowledge of visualization techniques and tools
  • Good knowledge of software development lifecycle methodologies
  • Passion for technology & innovation, creating IPs, patents and research on new and emerging technology trends
  • Ability to build and lead teams
  • Excellent interpersonal and consulting skills

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