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Tapstart - Find best jobs, compare skills with others, get noticed


Tapstart - Find best jobs, compare skills with others, get noticed

"Tapstart platform has given our MBA students an opportunity to analyze their competencies and ability to differentiate between their interests and capabilities.
Tapstart platform is a must assessment tool which students of professional courses should use to understand themselves better in comparison to their peers and accordingly grab the opportunities best suited for them."

Dr. Sheelan Misra HOD - MBA Dept., New Horizon College of Engg in

"I loved the tool,and the ideas that your company has towards the Education field. Wish you good luck towards incorporating more aspects into it to make it a full-fledged career companion to Colleges and students."


"Online aptitude is a value adding exercise for students which helped many of them to rate themselves on each parameter and many students initiated working on the same. Overall, the program was conducted in an informal way which helped the students to express themselves and give their best.Great program and amazing Value Addition."

PROF.VENKATESH A ARAKERI Principal Director IBMR IBS Bangalore

"It has been an insightful and valuable experience to have worked with Tapstart. The team has been highly interactive and understanding of our programme objectives. Conscious efforts have been made to tailor the programme to suit our specific needs. The reports and results shared by Tapstart at the end of the programme, have been easy to understand and have served to identify future training requirements of students as well as their individual strengths and weaknesses. We look forward to working with you in our future endeavours."

DIVYASHREE S Assistant Professor,R V Institute of Management

"We have used Tapstart for evaluating internal hires for our team and we are quite happy with the results. Not only the test conducted was smooth and hassle free but, more importantly, results were quite insightful and enabled us to make better informed decision on potential hires. We look forward to use Tapstart platform more extensively going forward."

VIKAS GARG Director: Uberlife Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

"Its a good platform that tells you your competency and helps you to decide your career within 2 hours."


"Working with Tapstart is a nice experience. It is very useful for each and every person to assess his own functional skills and the area where he is strong and weak and select the best specialization based on his strength. Tapstart provides a broad range of fields so that we can select our interested area and assess our position in that field and based on the result we can make the right choice in selecting our specialization."

NAVEEN K R MBA,New Horizon College of Engineering

"It was a very good experience when i did the test and i am looking forward to do many more tests.Thank you."

DEEPTI DAS BE,Amity Global Business School

"My experience with Tapstart was good. I learned many things about my domain related skills and I give a big thanks to Tapstart."

SURYA PRATAP SINGH MBA,New Horizon College of Engineering

"Tapstart will surely help the people who have confusion about opting for the best specialization and they can easily evaluate their skills within 3 hours.they will get some kind of experience like improving skills themselves.i am satisfied with Tapstart.Thank you Kunal & co."

SHANMUGA NANDA.R MBA,New Horizon College of Engineering

"Tapstart is one of the good aptitude testing sites which makes us familiar with aptitude requirements at professional levels."


"it was good to work on Tapstart and being a graduate i have learnt many things through it"

HARITHA MBA,Chaitanya PG College

"Tapstart was fruitful for me. I gained a lot of knowledge about marketing, consumer behavior, digital marketing and many more skills."

MITHILESH KUMAR MAURYA MBA,Accurate Institute of Management & Technology,Greater Noida

"Overall it was a great experience using Tapstart. it helped me to know in which area i am strong and weak."


"It was a great experience assessing our own skills. We understood the industry expectations in term of skills required. The questions ranged from easy to difficult, which was nice. Tapstart was a great platform for us to know our strengths and weaknesses with reference to the industry relevant skills. Any time there was any problem, the support team responded immediately. I have chosen the specialization which was my initial preference as well as my natural strength after the assessment. I need improvement in some of the areas, which I will work on. I am sure this will help me through my career. Thank you for the assistance."

YAMINI H MBA,New Horizon College of Engineering

"It was altogether a learning experience for me. I could manage the time given for each question."


"The Tapstart experience was worthwhile as me being a marketkng student got exposed to real time scenario questions and self assessed myself on the basis of my knowledge."

G SHANTI NARAYAN MBA,National School of Business